We have a very diverse set of patients . We see a lot of young families with ( small) children , patients for cosmetic treatments and expats for example.

Therefore it is our goal to provide high-quality dental care for this diverse group of patients

We offer the following dental treatments :

Preventive dentistry

Teeth cleaning, care for teeth ( dental calculus removal / polishing ) and preventive counseling. The combined appointments are also very popular. The periodic check-up will be combined with a teeth cleaning appointment.

( Preventive ) pediatric dentistry

Besides doing the check ups / filling cavity 's, here we check how a child brushes the teeth through visualization of the dental plaque, polishing of the teeth, sealing (application of a protective layer in the deep grooves of the chewing surface ) and treatments with fluoride when indicated. Catch them while they're young!

Restoration treatments

Filling cavities and crowns and / or bridgework.

Cosmetic dentistry

Improvement of the teeth.

Reconstructive dentistry

Extensive fixing / building of the total set of teeth through crowns / bridges and / or composite.

Periodontology / Implants

Treatment of the gums and teeth through implants or replacements.


Root canal treatments (if needed under microscoop for the best result)

Prosthetic dentistry

Dentures, prosthetics frame, partial dentures, removable dentures and supra -structures on implants.

Orthodontic treatments

For most of the orthodontic treatments a referral to an orthodontist is necessary, because this is a specialized field . Line up little crowding for example we can do ourselfs with the (AirSmile) system (invisible orthodontics)


We work together with Meijer dental technology in Aalsmeer and they grant us high- standard Dutch work.


For more information about how treatments work, go to allesoverhetgebit.nl