Dentistry Practice Amstelveen is a practice where we are continuously working on maintaining and improving quality and services.

  • Digital Scanning!! Since January 2019, it has been possible in practice to scan your mouth digitally with the 3Shape scanner instead of conventional printing. This digital workflow is much more comfortable for the patient.
  • AirSmile, the invisible braces. Another beautiful digital system! For more information, visit or ask your dentist or dental hygienist.
  • New Zeiss microscope with camera
  • EMS Prophylaxis Master; The latest equipment to be able to perform oral hygiene treatments in a patient-friendly way.


  • We use the latest equipment and high-quality materials.
  • Root canal treatments are performed under a Zeiss microscope as needed.
  • Free parking, open every working day.
  • Free WIFI
  • Emergencies are treated the same day.
  • For treatment proposals above Eur 250, we will offer you a budget in advance.
  • We use strict hygiene protocols drawn up in accordance with the WIP (Infection Prevention Act) guidelines.
  • Our dentists always work with assistants at the chair (WIP recommendation).
  • Our dentists are affiliated with the KNMT and/or ANT professional group and the ANT and/or KNMT complaints procedure.
  • Our team stays up to date by continuing education.
  • Our dentists are members of a (peer consultation) study group.
  • Our dentists are BIG registered
  • Our dentists are KRT (Quality Register Dentists) registered
  • Open twice a month on Saturdays.