About us

Marcel Munsterman

Dentist, founder

Kristel Filius


Coen Booij


Sanja Ninkovic

Dental Hygiene treatments


Lindsey Graanoogst

Dental assistant

Madelon de Munk

Prevention assistant


Rowan Cornet

Dental assistant

Laura Batenburg

Practice manager

Cynthia Hoogeveen


Julliëtte Evenhuis

Prevention assistant / Dentist i.o.

Eva Kuijpers

Eva Kuijpers

Prevention assistant / Dentist i.o.






Team Tandheelkunde Praktijk Amstelveen:


Marcel Munsterman,

BIG reg.nr. 19057365402

Kristel Filius, Dentist.

BIG reg.nr. 99914353402


Coen Booij, Dentist.

BIG reg.nr. 29918285302


Sanja Ninkovic, Dental Hygiënist


Madelon de Munk, Prevention-assistant / Dental Hygiene treatments.


Lindsey Graanoogst, Dental assitant


Cynthia Groot, Receptionist


Rowan Cornet, Dental assistant

Sabine Nielen, Dental assistant


Julliëtte Evenhuis, Prevention assistant


Cem Ergin, Prevention assistant


Giulia Krol, Prevention assistant


Laura Batenburg, Practice-manager.


The right amount of experience combined with knowledge, quality, hospitality and enthusiasm will help you to feel at home at our practice!